The server is back and updated to 1.3.1, MIRACLE! IP:

6 Aug

Yeah so, the server did not, in fact, crash. I actually though it did, the reason it became unavailable for about a week is because I run on a dynamic IP address which means that sometimes the IP changes. I have found a solution to this problem, though, and that is: online hosting. I’m going to put up a donation link if by some slim chance anyone wants to help the server continue. The only drawback to online hosting is I am going to get a rather small hosting package which only allows 6 players on the server at a time. That time is not now though so for now you can enjoy the full 50 person amount.  

Exciting features of minecraft 1.3:

– Far less lag on the server, that’s right now it looks like this is a fancy server that has a lot more RAM to host than it actually does.

– TripWire, you’ve probably played with it, I think its marvelous.

– And more blocks for us to play with.

The IP is 

Thanks for playing on this server!



16 Jul

Hello everyone. The server hosting location is finally operational once again; now featuring a better player building landscape and a way faster processor. What does that mean? The server now runs 3 times faster than it used to.  

The new I.P. address is

And make sure to check out our “Server Map and Chat” section of the website.  It’s super cool and works whenever the server is on meaning you can check that tab if you ever can not log in to see if the server is running.

Remember that the IP still changes every now and then so always check the website, the facebook page, or the planet minecraft post.  Welcome back everyone and welcome new players!



Frisbee Mini-Golf With Manholes

16 Apr

Do you live in a subdivision or small neighborhood? Then you probably have everything it will take to play frisbee miniature golf by yourself or with friends. Just use the manholes as holes, and, using them as a course, you will be entertained for at least an hour.


The beginning

15 Apr

This is my first post! I have just published this new blog: in which I will post all of the interesting things there are available to those with the open mind characteristically accompanied by boredom.